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  gison3dmap >> Why gison3dmap?  
  3D solid Maps, like the ones we use and which are produced by Solid Terrain Model (STM), are excellent communication products.

Anyone, despite of his map reading capabilities, is able to understand a 3D Map, and have an immediate perception of slope, aspect and visibility.


Although a 3D Map can include, as in the image, any GIS data printed, such as flight restrictions and vegetation areas, by doing so, the use of that 3D map stays limited to a specific application.

Because 3D Maps are more expensive than paper maps, why not produce a simpler 3D map of an area using only aerial photography, showing what you would see if you were flying over it and, instead of plotting some GIS data on the 3D map, “draw” on it any GIS data in real time, using standard video technology?

This is what gison3dmap does.

The result is a extremely efficient and versatile way to communicate GIS data to disparate audiences.

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